Karunn Kandoi: Fostering Digital Learning

Karunn Kandoi, graduate in Engineering from Bangalore Institute of Technology, is well-versed in the field of technology, and in his awareness of his strengths and weaknesses, he has raced well ahead. Karunn Kandoi paved his way to entrepreneurship at a very early stage of his life. He founded Shree Eduserve Private Limited in 2005 and within 1 year established “FOCUS” as No. 1 Spoken English brand. The experience gained from his first entrepreneurial venture, as well as the exceptional ability to assess situations instantly brought the insight in him to take learning onto virtual platform. He understood the fact that in today’s world children are technology savvy from a young age and thus the classrooms should not remain in same traditional state. Sensing the need for better resources to realize his dream he sold Eduserve to Extramarks Education Private Limited in 2012 and is currently heading its skill development training and Africa business. Extramarks provides school solutions as well as after school study support to standardize the education process for the students right from the beginning.

Karunn Kandoi’s scientific and inquisitive bent of mind was triggered during schooling in Jaipur, Rajasthan, where he designed and developed various electronic projects and participated and won in Indian National Congress for Science. To follow his aspirations, he cracked the entrance examination of one of the most prestigious institutes of the country, BIT Bangalore. And today, Karunn Kandoi has emerged as a technocrat in the education domain through his important contribution in the development of virtual learning which is the need of the hour. He has also won several accolades in his stream and motivated aspiring entrepreneurs to fall under his wings for guidance and approval. In recent time, Karunn has spearheaded design and development to provide relevant solutions in the field of education through the use of technology.

Extramarks Smart Learn Classes were launched with the aim of taking the schools to 21st century learning-teaching environment. Karunn Kandoi says, “The pedagogy used by Extramarks by implementing a layered content structure in the technology-enabled classrooms using latest technology allows complete freedom to the teachers to use the technology as per their own choice as well as makes learning interesting for children”. The teaching modules have been created by Professionals with years of experience in teaching. As the modules are mapped to the curriculum followed by the school, they not only provide ease of use but also standardize the education process.

Further, the Extramarks after School Study Support maintains the continuity of the learning process – from school to home. Students can access all the study support material used in Smart Learn Class at home, using Smart Study Card. This fosters self-paced learning in them without compromising on the quality.