Karunn Kandoi’s remarkable role in fostering Virtual Learning

Devoted, passionate and creative in every sphere of his life, Karunn Kandoi is a man who stands tall, both literally and figuratively, and has established presence not only in India but also in the West. An entrepreneur and manager of several corporate ventures, Karunn has won numerous endorsements and recognitions over the years. In 2012 Karunn Joined Extramarks to head Skill Development and Emerging Markets vertical.

Extramarks Smart Learn Classes were launched with the aim of taking the schools to 21st century learning-teaching environment. The pedagogy used by Extramarks by implementing a layered content structure in the technology-enabled classrooms using latest technology allows complete freedom to the teachers to use the technology as per their own choice as well as makes learning interesting for children. The teaching modules have been created by Professionals with years of experience in teaching. As the modules are mapped to the curriculum followed by the school, they not only provide ease of use but also standardize the education process.

Further, the Extramarks after School Study Support maintains the continuity of the learning process – from school to home. Students can access all the study support material used in Smart Learn Class at home, using Smart Study Card. This fosters self-paced learning in them without compromising on the quality.

“When it comes to teaching with technology, the faculty could obtain great support in helping the students grasp concepts rather than just mugging up the lessons. Providing the appropriate resources, ideas and inspiration has to be the aim of the faculty in order to foster teaching excellence across the board. TeachingwithTechnology helps them develop a deeper understanding of the subject among the students, thus enhancing the teaching and learning experience.” says Karunn Kandoi.

Nothing remains static and so is the case with the Teaching style and study modules too. The present generation is tech savvy and thus the need of Education to become technology driven is paramount. The process has been initiated and will go a long way with more updates coming up to increase the interest level of teachers and students alike.