Extramarks – Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a technology driven tool that helps a student to study with teachers after the school hours and get instant study help in the comforts of home. It is a kind of tutoring that transcends the geographical boundaries and tutors the students through Internet where students and teachers are logged in at their respective computers at different locations.

Tutoring is not a new concept; it is just transgressing from private tuitions to online tuitions. The reason behind online tutoring scoring over private tuitions is the convenience in terms of time, space and money. The time and energy that student wastes in travelling to private tuition centres can be directed towards self paced study at home. Moreover, online tuitions also provide an opportunity to students to have teachers help only in the subjects they find difficulties.

Online tutoring is based on white board technology that allows text/voice chat and video content providing a real time study help to the students. It is an assimilation of the benefits of physical classroom with the convenience of a ‘no-physical-bar’ virtual learning environment.

Students can communicate with the tutors through Internet and ask questions and share their queries with them. One-to-one interaction between student and teacher through white board technology involves both of them sharing their information. Thus, both the teacher and the student are able to see each other and it’s just like face-to-face private tuitions but with added advantages.

Generally there is time crunch during exam hours and students can’t afford to visit the tuition centres. Here comes online tutoring where students can save time and inconvenience and prepare successfully for exams.

We all know that cooperation of parents is necessary in the academic success of child. But in this fast paced world where both the parents are working, they don’t get time to take their wards to tuition centres and guide their child. With round the clock online tutoring, parents can remain secure that their child is at home and getting quality education. They can also keep a watch on child’s study while performing their other chores.